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Silicone Removers / Silicone Remover Knife

Silicone Remover Knife

Remove Old Silicone Joints Easily with This Cornertape Silicone Remover
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Silicone Remover Knife
 Remove Old Silicone Joints Easily with This Remover Knife

Plastic Knife - The perfect tool for removing old silicone from a bath, shower or worktop. It's a composite material, a mix of Plastic and Glass. It's much more durable than other remover tools, is stronger and stays sharper for longer than the competition which use plain old plastic. It won't damage the surfaces when used and becuase its a composite material it can also be re-sharpened easily just by rubbing it over with a metal blade, unlike other tools currently available.

Steel Knife - Following on from our very successful composite plastic remover tool were introduced the steel version. The exact same shape as the original tool but made from steel. It comes supplied with a sharpening stone to allow you to keep the tool in tip top condition. It will quite simply last a lifetime and is aimed at the trade professional or hard core DIYer, the blades have been specially angled to make it more difficult to dig the tool into more delicate surfaces.

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$18.50 (inc GST)

$16.82 (excl GST)