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Selling Houses Australia
Selling Houses Australia is the award winning Foxtel TV show hosted by UK real estate guru Andrew Winter, and features interior designer Shaynna Blaze... more
Waterproof bathroom paneling
Bathroom Paneling  Waterproof bathroom paneling as seen on Selling Houses Australia offers you up to 50% total cost savings compared t... more

Silicones & Sealants

Silicones, Sealants and Mastics are words we have all heard before but selecting the correct type is very importantSilicone isn't just Silicone anymoreyou can now get many different types of Sealant or mastic for many different applicationsBeing Specialists in this area we can help you to select the correct one.

Below we have everything from Low or High modulusneutral curing Silicones, Fire Silcones, Anti-Pick mastic and High Temperature Restistant Silicones.



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